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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an official licensee of AVIS Car Rental Lic. (AVIS car rental is a part of the ABG group) Except for some car rentals in Curacao having one EV, we are the first car rental to have a fleet of EV’s, but better yet; Our EV’s are charged with Solar power only where others use the grid that is powered with mainly Diesel generators and 30% wind energy.

Yes, If you don’t accept Loss Damage Waiver LDW there is a deposit of US$ 800.– and you will be liable for all damage and costs to the vehicle. If you accepted LDW you have a deposit of US$ 500.– and this equals your deductible. We will hold this amount on your credit card, this hold will be released in 10-12 workdays.

We accept any pre-paid reservation through Avis or one of the online portals. Please make sure that you have one valid credit card for both the charge and the hold. (not pre-paid)

Loss Damage Waiver is not an insurance, it waives you from financial responsibility above the deductible resulting from a covered event. LDW is mandatory on electric vehicles due to the high value of these cars, but for the other vehicles this is not mandatory but we strongly advise taking this cover.

You will sign an addendum in which you take full responsibility for all damage and costs to the car. If you have a damage, you pay Us in full and use the documentation that we provide to claim at your third party cover..

Car group A to E the minimum is 21 years of age and group F to K the minimum is 25 years of age.

The maximum age is 70 if there are no restrictions on the driver’s license.

The additional drivers fee is US$ 5.- per day per additional driver, and there is an additional surcharge of US$ 10.- per day for each additional driver under 25 years of age.

You must have a valid drivers license for at least 2 years.

The Airport charges a fee for use of the airport facilities of 12%. Avis always quotes including this fee, please check if it is included when you book your rental car at a travel/tour operator or elsewhere.

Call 199 the Curacao Road Service this is MANDATORY! They will come and register all facts regarding the damage, please don’t move the vehicle until CRS tells you to do so!

RSN is Roadside Safety Net this covers towing costs, jumpstart, emergency fuel (not for EV’s) and covers your Keys against damage (not caused by water). WTC  Windows and Tire Cover, covers damage to wheels, tires and windows..

GASMost gas cars are delivered Full, please return with the same level. We charge a gas refueling charge that might be double the pump price.

Regarding the EV’s;you receive the car with at least 80% charge, please don’t discharge the EV under 20%. You can refuel the EV with a home charger, at one of the free charging locations on this website or pass by our office for a free recharge. EV’s can be returned with less charge than received (not under 20% as there will be a surcharge).


All prices, percentages, models, terms, features or specifications may change without prior notice.

Take contact with us at: +5999 461-1255